Administrative Professional/Civil Service Staff

Southern Illinois University



Service to the College for Administrative Professional/Civil Service Staff

For the purposes of this award, service to the College is defined as a collection of actions, attitudes and behaviors that promotes a vision of pride and community from within the College. Award nominees create “a culture where all employees embrace their responsibilities for the recruitment and retention of students, and act as good-will ambassadors” to the College. Such individuals may:

  • Advance the Mission of the College
  • Accomplish Job Duties in an Exemplary Manner
  • Improve Job and Workplace Efficiency, Productivity, Safety and Environment
  • Improve Workplace Morale
  • Model Exemplary Personal and Professional Behavior
  • Support the Job Performance of Other Employees
  • Increase Job Knowledge and Expertise

CHHS Excellence Through Commitment Awards

Award Recipients

2020 – Chad Waters

2019 – Brandie Coleman

2018 – Mary B. Nemetsky & Natalie K. Richardson

2017 – Cara C. Doerr

2016 – Michelle Parker-Clark

2015 – Donna J. Colwell

2014 – Sheila Cheatham





2009 – Janice Mayo

2008 – Nathan Black

2007 – Martha Samples

2006 – David Jaynes

2005 – Robert Broomfield

2004 – Tracey Lawyer Logeman