Dental Hygiene is Seeing Pink

Southern Illinois University



Dental Hygiene is Seeing Pink

October 24, 2016

Start Seeing Pink at Dental Hygiene

Students, Faculty and staff in the Dental Hygiene program acknowledge with reverence the bravery of those women who won the fight against breast cancer, as well as those who lost the battle and left loving family behind. We wore pink and “painted the pumpkins pink” to show our support  of the efforts of the campus-wide “Start Seeing Pink” initiatives. We celebrate National Dental Hygiene Month in October as well with the hope of educating the public of the importance of not only performing breast self-exams and getting their yearly mammograms; BUT also having an oral cancer screening (OCS) to prevent mouth cancers which has reached worldwide prevalence exceeding 640,000 new cases annually. Re: ) The OCS is a routine part of the dental hygiene exam. Potential patients are encouraged to call the SIU Dental Hygiene Clinic at 618-453-8826 to schedule an appointment!

Start Seeing Pink Initiative