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Strategic Plan - Part 1


This Strategic Plan of the College of Health and Human Sciences (CHHS) was based on the following documents and data sources:

  • CHHS’s Strategic Plan 2006;
  • SIU’s Strategic Plan 2013;
  • A series of SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) Analyses- which included input from multiple stakeholders;
  • Accreditation and internal and external reviews of the programs;
  • Enrollment and faculty data, which was used to identify collegiate student capacities for each program and the College as a whole.
  • Illinois county data including population, high school enrollments and graduates; and
  • 2009 – 2013 CHHS enrollment data.


The College of Health and Human Sciences will be recognized for extraordinary educational programs, research that builds on industry collaboration, and economic development activity and service to the people of Illinois and beyond.

Mission Statement

The mission of the College of Health and Human Sciences is to create and implement outstanding academic programs, conduct high-impact research, and creative activity that build on industry collaboration and regional need, and provide community and professional service that make a difference to the people of the State of Illinois and beyond.

Founding Proposition

The basis for excellence and success of all programs in CHHS relies on the quality of people who work and study in the college. This applied to faculty, staff, and students. Our aspiration is to recruit and retain the faculty needed to carry out excellent teaching and scholarly activity and research, staff to support the work, and students who are able to achieve academic excellence. Every action in this plan is predicated on having the highest quality and most able people at every level of the organization to allow attainment of our goals and objectives. 


The values governing the College’s development include the following:

  • Receptivity to feedback from all stakeholders – We strive for improvement.
  • Respect for and appreciation of diversity – We welcome and value new and different cultures and ways of thinking.
  • High moral and ethical standards – We know and choose the high road.
  • Improve the state’s and nation’s workforce – We provide cutting edge education programs in high-demand careers.
  • Desire to excel in all endeavors – We will be recognized for teaching, research/creative activity, and professional service.
  • Desire to improve society – We will serve as a positive agent of change for the people of Illinois.