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About the College

The College of Health and Human Sciences (CHHS), since its inception in 1950 as the Vocational Technical Institute (VTI), has undergone continuous change to address the workforce needs in the southern Illinois region, the state and the nation as well as the University's mission as it evolved from a teachers' college to a major Carnegie I research institution. An essential component of the College's evolution is the increasing expectation for faculty productivity in applied research, scholarship/creative activity and external grant funding. Throughout these changes, relationships with business and industry have remained strong and placement of graduates is high.

The College presently includes Six (6) schools which house Seventeen (17) master's degrees, Twenty-one (21) baccalaureate degrees and Three (3) associate degree programs. The Master's of Science in Medical Dosimetry and Public Safety and Homeland Security as well as one (1) baccalaureate program, Public Safety Management, are offered off-campus only. For over twenty years, the College of Health and Human Sciences and the College of Liberal Arts have jointly offered the Master of Public Administration degree, Aviation Administration Concentration.

The College maintains the largest enrollment (on campus and online) of all colleges at SIU. The College serves students beyond the Carbondale campus. CHHS provides opportunities for a variety of individuals off-campus to receive baccalaureate degrees in the areas of Automotive Technology, Aviation Management, Electronic Systems Technologies, Public Safety Management and Health Care Management and master's degrees in Medical Dosimetry in Public Safety and Homeland Security.

The baccalaureate degree in Information Systems Technologies is offered through on-line delivery; 49 hours of upper-level and selected elective courses are available to students at various locations throughout the country.

CHHS is a significant revenue generating unit for SIU. Credit hour generation as well as tuition contribute greatly to the overall productivity and income, respectively, of the campus. The tuition generated by Distance Education programs in the College composes approximately 30% of all DE revenue generated on campus. Additionally, the College's presence at SIU serves to promote and enhance not only the educational and research mission and focus statements of SIU but also the economic development of the region. Writers of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools report (1999) concluded "...the College of Health and Human Sciences is accomplishing its mission and contributes to the mission of SIUC" (p.30).